Chris Carter Completes Line-Up For “Back to Frank Black”

We are proud and excited to be able to confirm the final name to join Back to Frank Black as a contributing writer: none other than series creator Chris Carter. Complementing forewords by both Lance Henriksen and Frank Spotnitz, Carter has penned the volume’s introduction, and it goes without saying that we are massively pleased and hugely grateful to … Continue reading

“Back to Frank Black”: The Time Is Near

In the words of Terry O’Quinn‘s Peter Watts, the late, great R.G. Armstrong‘s Old Man and the opening titles of Chris Carter’s Millennium, “The time is near.” After many months of preparation, we are almost ready to unveil our latest publication, Back to Frank Black. Here is the haunting trailer for the book, created by cinematographer … Continue reading

Editors Discuss “Back to Frank Black”

Fourth Horseman Press Publisher Brian A. Dixon and Associate Publisher Adam Chamberlain, co-editors on the forthcoming Back to Frank Black, recently took time out to record a podcast about the book with James McLean, founder and project co-manager for the titular campaign, for its popular Millennium Group Sessions series. During an informal conversation, the two … Continue reading

“Back to Frank Black”: Exploring “Millennium”

Working to bring the Back to Frank Black book to you all continues to be an exciting and rewarding project, with a few months’ effort ahead of us yet now before we can unveil it to you all.  Rest assured we will be working very hard over that period on the content and presentation of the book … Continue reading

“Back to Frank Black”: An Update

It has been almost two months since we announced plans to release Back to Frank Black, so we figured it was about time we checked in with you all to give you something of a status update by way of an early Christmas treat. Rest assured that work continues apace on the volume.  One thread of this is … Continue reading