October 30, 2012 — Fourth Horseman Press is proud to confirm the release of Back to Frank Black, a book based on the Fox television series Millennium (1996-99) and produced in association with the titular campaign to return its protagonist, Frank Black, to the screen.

Back to Frank Black offers fans of Millennium a hitherto unprecedented volume of material exploring this landmark series. The book features forewords from lead actor Lance Henriksen and co-executive producer Frank Spotnitz as well as an introduction by series creator and executive producer Chris Carter. Back to Frank Black presents extensive interviews with cast and crew in addition to exclusive new material that includes an original essay by actress Brittany Tiplady. The collection further boasts essays from a number of authors with in-depth knowledge of the series including Joseph Maddrey, co-author of Lance Henriksen’s autobiography Not Bad for a Human (2011), and award-winning media critic John Kenneth Muir. The volume features cover artwork by Matthew Ingles and illustrations throughout by campaign founder James McLean. Starburst magazine has dubbed Back to Frank Black “just the kind of weighty tribute such a seminal show deserves,” adding, “if you’re a fan of Millennium, this excellent book is a must-read, but the budding scriptwriters among you should also seek it out for its fascinating depiction of the inner workings of a major TV show.”

Millennium tells the story of Frank Black (Lance Henriksen), a legendary forensic profiler gifted with the ability to see into the minds of the killers he seeks. Through his work as a consultant with the F.B.I. and the mysterious Millennium Group, the series offers a thoughtful exploration of the nature and manifestations of evil in the modern world. Millennium earned critical acclaim as well as a number of awards and nominations and remains highly regarded in the industry. The Back to Frank Black movement—dedicated to seeing the return of Millennium’s unique hero to the screen—has gained support from throughout the entertainment industry, including active involvement from Henriksen himself.

Fourth Horseman Press is an independent publisher established in 2003 with the launch of Revelation, the quarterly magazine of apocalyptic art and literature. Since then, the press has released a number of titles in paperback and hardcover including novellas, anthologies, and plays. Fourth Horseman Press recently earned recognition for the publication of Columbia & Britannia, an anthology nominated for the 2010 Sidewise Award for Alternate History.

Back to Frank Black is edited by Adam Chamberlain and Brian A. Dixon, publishers for Fourth Horseman Press and consultants to the Back to Frank Black campaign. The book is now available in both hard and soft cover editions with a multi-platform electronic edition set to be released in 2013. The collection is not being sold for profit and all proceeds will be donated to Lance Henriksen’s preferred registered charity, Children of the Night. Publisher’s updates will be made available from Fourth Horseman Press at For the latest news on the book from the campaign, visit

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