Autumn of 2003 saw the debut of Revelation, a unique offering in the world of small press fiction magazines. Exclusively dedicated to exploring apocalyptic art and literature, Revelation stood out and soon made a name for itself. Each new issue of this provocative publication showcases a line-up of engaging fiction representing an eclectic variety of genres and styles, offering readers captivating tales from outstanding storytellers and up-and-coming authors. Additionally, the magazine has become known for featuring artwork from award-winning artists in its original illustrations and covers. Truly, the magazine’s content has helped to set a standard for its publisher.

Ever since the magazine’s debut, Fourth Horseman Press has provided readers worldwide with glimpses at imaginative worlds crafted by exceptional authors. Fourth Horseman Press is an independent publisher dedicated to delivering its readers first-class fiction of the slipstream variety. Just as horror, fantasy, and science fiction meet at the end of the world in each new issue of Revelation, fresh and stimulating fictive forms and styles are to be found in the books proudly published by Fourth Horseman Press. Each of the publisher’s projects is designed to creatively embark upon new narrative terrain, to challenge traditional genres and formulas in an effort to discover compelling characters and their stories. The effects are often unexpected but the overall quality of the resulting volumes shouldn’t be.

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