Review: Millennium #2

Millennium 2 CoverMillennium #2

Writer: Joe Harris
Art: Colin Lorimer
Colors: Joana Lafeuente
Cover: menton3

Publisher: IDW
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: 18 March 2015

Quote: “If you expect the unexpected you will not find it, for it is not to be reached by search or trail.” –Heraclitus

Review: IDW’s Millennium comic book miniseries returned this week with an excellent second instalment, one that builds confidently upon the foundations laid down by its debut. Once again, Joe Harris presents familiar icons and themes from the series’ dense mythology even as he twists them into a compelling narrative that forges bold new ground. The result is an immensely satisfying second issue that feels both familiar and fresh, developing a strong narrative that plays to diehard fans and new readers alike.

The unexpected and violent death of Monte Propps that punctuated the end of Issue 1 echoes aspects of the television series’ celebrated first season episode “Lamentation“, and this is surely quite deliberate. All too soon sinister, unknowable forces are once again making themselves known to Frank, squaring up to him and brimming with confidence. And as this issue’s striking cover artwork from menton3 foreshadows, the Millennium Group and their nefarious methods are also in evidence, much to Frank’s chagrin.

Fox Mulder maintains a presence once again and continues to crack wise, although this issue satisfyingly allows Frank Black to start to take centre stage. And if it jars to see the legendary profiler handling a gun, then perhaps this is entirely deliberate in order to illustrate the desperate straits in which our hero finds himself, just as he had done in the show’s finale. There is a further throwback to that finale elsewhere, as well as strong hints towards a dangerous situation for Frank’s daughter, Jordan, that raises the stakes yet further.

The consistency lent by both Colin Lorimer’s artwork and Joana Lafeuente’s choices of colour further enhances the sense of authenticity evoked by this miniseries to date. By the final panel, it is clear that the forces Frank faced off against in the last days of the previous millennium are far from vanquished. Moreover, there are signs that they may have grown stronger yet in the intervening years, and a dramatic reckoning will surely be played out over the next three instalments. With Issue 3 out next week, thankfully we need not wait and worry for too long.

Further Reading: Chris CarterLance Henriksen, and Frank Spotnitz lead the way as the cast and crew of Millennium reflect upon the series and consider the need for its return in Back to Frank Black, available in hardcover, paperback, and electronic editions from Fourth Horseman Press.

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