Copies of “Back to Frank Black” Signed by Lance Henriksen Now Available


This year, we have had the great privilege of attending no fewer than three events in the UK alongside Lance Henriksen to help promote Back to Frank Black. From Glasgow to Cardiff to Milton Keynes, at each of the Showmasters-organised conventions we had copies of the volume on sale, and Lance signed and personalised each and every one on request.

For anyone who came to one of these events or, for that matter, who has ever met Lance Henriksen in a similar context, it will come as no surprise to hear just how generous he is with his time. Always attentive in his interactions with fans despite consistent crowds and often lengthy queues, he also makes for a charismatic presence on-stage when giving frequent talks and answering audience questions. He talks openly and enthusiastically about his approach to his craft as an actor—of how he “absorbs” scripts and their themes through multiple readings rather than merely learning lines by rote, for example—and is quick with a self-effacing, humorous aside.

IMG_5240_CropHe is often asked what his favourite role is from his lengthy list of credits, and always responds that it is the last project on which he has worked. There were hints, too, of quite how enthused he is over a yet-to-be-announced major movie he filmed earlier this year, and that is set for release in 2014. Questions are invariably posed, too, about Henriksen’s celebrated starring role in Millennium. He speaks about the role of Frank Black with passion every time, and takes every opportunity to give a shout-out for both the book and the Back to Frank Black campaign itself.

In the wake of our promotional push regarding these appearances, we have received a number of queries about whether we would make available for sale any copies of the volume signed by Lance Henriksen. We are therefore very pleased to confirm that we now have available a very limited number of autographed copies. The first batch of hardcovers and softcovers are listed at and will be shipped anywhere in the world from the UK, with all proceeds to be donated to Henriksen’s nominated charitable organisation, Children of the Night.

Our sincere thanks to Lance Henriksen for his continued support throughout 2013, and especially for taking the time to sign these exclusive copies of Back to Frank Black.


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