“Back to Frank Black” NOW AVAILABLE

THE TIME IS NOW. 512 pages. Fifteen exclusive interviews. Twelve in-depth essays. One incomparable hero and an enduring legacy. Over a year in the making by its editors and contributors, the unique and long-awaited tribute to Chris Carter’s Millennium is now available from Fourth Horseman Press.

Back to Frank Black is currently available directly from our distributor, Lulu. The hardcover retails at $44.99 and the paperback at $28.99, with all profits from sales to be donated to Lance Henriksen’s nominated charity, Children of the Night.

If you would prefer to order via your in-country Amazon store or Barnes & Noble, these links will go live over the coming week or so as the volume is made available to booksellers across the globe. We will provide details just as soon as we have them, so stay tuned for this and much more in the coming days and weeks. For more news as we have it, keep it right here at fourthhorsemanpress.com, and sign up to our feeds on Facebook and Twitter.

2 Responses to ““Back to Frank Black” NOW AVAILABLE”
  1. Anthony Vela says:

    It’s been a long wait, but I am sure it will be worth it. This is one of the best TV shows of its genre ever made. I’ll never forget seeing the pilot, and thinking this is like watching a movie. I was hooked from that point on, and even though each of the three seasons went in a different direction, I still love it all these years later. I am still hoping for a film that would be the icing on the cake.

    • Thanks, Anthony. I couldn’t agree more in terms of your assessment of both the pilot and the series as a whole. We are, of course, still hoping for that movie too, and I hope you will find that the book both celebrates and dissects the body of work represented by the series and also looks forward to the possibilities for such a film.


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