Chris Carter Completes Line-Up For “Back to Frank Black”

We are proud and excited to be able to confirm the final name to join Back to Frank Black as a contributing writer: none other than series creator Chris Carter. Complementing forewords by both Lance Henriksen and Frank Spotnitz, Carter has penned the volume’s introduction, and it goes without saying that we are massively pleased and hugely grateful to him for sharing his very latest thoughts on the publication itself, on Millennium, and on the potential for the return of Frank Black.

Now in its final weeks of preparation, we can also share yet more detail with you regarding the book’s content. The tome boasts interviews with a long list of Millennium‘s illustrious alumni, from writers and producers such as Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, Glen MorganJames Wong and Michael R. Perry to cast members Lance Henriksen, Megan GallagherKlea ScottSarah-Jane Redmond and Kristen Cloke, as well as key crew such as celebrated cinematographer Robert McLachlan, prolific director Thomas J. Wright, and iconic composer Mark Snow. The collective thoughts of the series’ creative minds have never before been presented together in this way, and together they make for an unprecedented set of insights both into Millennium and regarding their crafts in general.

In addition, the publication features an array of fascinating essays exploring key characters, stories and themes of the series from a range of supremely well-informed writers. Award-winning author John Kenneth Muir explores each season in turn across three essays, whilst Not Bad for a Human co-author Joseph Maddrey considers Frank Black’s spiritual journey against the backdrop of modern America. Actress Brittany Tiplady (Jordan Black) reflects upon her time on the series and offers something of an insight into the world of a child actor. Music journalist Joe Tangari explores the use of popular music in Millennium in ways you will have never considered, whilst sci-fi fanatic Gordon Roberts probes the Millennium Group and the Black family in terms of secret societies and the tensions the two create for the series’ central protagonist. College professor Paul Clark writes about how Lance Henriksen encapsulates the role of Frank Black, and author Alexander Zelenyj examines the ever-popular Legion arc, and specifically the ubiquity of Lucy Butler as the embodiment of pure evil. A selection of the authors will be discussing the book for the Back to Frank Black podcast in the coming weeks.

Also contributing to the volume are the names behind the campaign itself. James McLean contributes striking original artwork that features throughout the volume, and also provides a peek behind the curtain in a chapter brimming with his trademark humour as he charts the history of the campaign. Troy Foreman takes a close look at the character and story arc of Emma Hollis and her memorable portrayal by Klea Scott. Fourth Horseman Press publisher and writer Brian A. Dixon offers a study of Millennium as it fits into the canon of crime fiction, with a particular focus upon the deductive process as uniquely suggested by Frank Black’s gift. And his co-editor, Adam Chamberlain, takes a view on the portrayals of evil across the series, from serial killers and murderers of other kinds to the twisted morality of the Millennium Group to demons—whether seductive, terrifying or just plain meddlesome—and considers how they represent the nebulous nature of evil.

Back to Frank Black, subtitled “A Return to Chris Carter’s Millennium“, will be published in hard and soft cover in September, with an electronic multi-platform edition to follow later in the year. It features original cover artwork by Matthew Ingles, which has now also been unveiled and can be seen at the publication’s dedicated page. The book is being sold for non-profit, with all proceeds to be donated to the charity Children of the Night. The latest press release is now also available to view online. For more news as we have it, follow the blog and sign up to our feeds on Facebook and Twitter. For more from the Back to Frank Black campaign, visit or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Wait. Worry. For the time is near, and you can’t stop it.

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