“Back to Frank Black”: The Time Is Near

In the words of Terry O’Quinn‘s Peter Watts, the late, great R.G. Armstrong‘s Old Man and the opening titles of Chris Carter’s Millennium, “The time is near.” After many months of preparation, we are almost ready to unveil our latest publication, Back to Frank Black. Here is the haunting trailer for the book, created by cinematographer Jason D. Morris.

At this point, most of the book’s content is locked, and we are in the process of formatting and indexing whilst finalising the remaining few inclusions. Other important components are all but ready to be shared and will be made available once the last few details have been put into place, including the cover artwork and a final pre-publication press release. The planned release date for the volume itself is the end of August, although a few factors may at this stage push this ever so slightly into September. We do not have the luxury of a pre-order link to share with you and, with that remaining content and formatting to be completed, neither are we yet quite in a position to be able to confirm cover pricing. We will, however, confirm the book’s availability and bring you order links and prices just as soon as we do have that all-important detail, so do subscribe to the blog (from the “Follow” button at the bottom of the page) and keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook feeds for news and other snippets.

By way of a reminder, what we have revealed to date are details of much of the book’s content and many of our contributors. Alongside essays from a range of writers with sharp and varied insights into the world of Millennium, interviews with a long list of key cast and crew from the series and striking artwork throughout from the Back to Frank Black campaign’s very own James McLean, we are particularly proud to boast exclusive contributions from writer/producer Frank Spotnitz, actress Brittany Tiplady and star Lance Henriksen. Allow us, then, to briefly yet mercilessly tease you with a few morsels from what they have written. Spotnitz’s introduction features the words “profound,” “transfixed” and “mud-splattered,” Tiplady’s essay—reflecting upon her time on the series—includes the terms “intricacy,” “controversy” and “love,” and Henriksen’s punchy foreword contains the words “manifesto,” “chess” and, naturally, “tribe.”

Teasing aside, if it feels like scant information is quite yet available for a title that is in its final weeks before publication, then such is the nature of this particular beast. Be reassured, however, that we promise you as much fanfare as we can possibly muster both on and following the book’s release. There has been and continues to be a lot of work taking place to finalise this publication, but that is only the start of this particular journey. Back to Frank Black really is an unprecedented and utterly unique volume on the television series Millennium, and we are very proud of how it is coming together. In a matter of weeks’ time, we hope and fully expect that you will be too.

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