Editors Discuss “Back to Frank Black”

Fourth Horseman Press Publisher Brian A. Dixon and Associate Publisher Adam Chamberlain, co-editors on the forthcoming Back to Frank Black, recently took time out to record a podcast about the book with James McLean, founder and project co-manager for the titular campaign, for its popular Millennium Group Sessions series.

During an informal conversation, the two discuss in some detail what readers can expect from the title, and Dixon’s lengthy association with Millennium fandom as the creator of The Millennial Abyss. They also explain how integral the series was to the formation of their enduring friendship and creative partnership.

The Millennium Group Sessions podcasts have featured interviews with many of the cast and crew of Millennium, including series creator Chris Carter and star Lance Henriksen, and are available from iTunes, via the iPhone app or to stream at the Back to Frank Black website. You can also download an MP3 of the podcast featuring Chamberlain and Dixon.

Back to Frank Black will be published later this year. For the latest news on the book’s release, visit backtofrankblack.com or follow the Back to Frank Black campaign on Twitter and Facebook. Publisher’s updates will be made available at fourthhorsemanpress.com as well as on Fourth Horseman Press’s Twitter and Facebook feeds.


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