“Back to Frank Black”: Exploring “Millennium”

Working to bring the Back to Frank Black book to you all continues to be an exciting and rewarding project, with a few months’ effort ahead of us yet now before we can unveil it to you all.  Rest assured we will be working very hard over that period on the content and presentation of the book to make it the very finest tribute to Millennium and the campaign from Frank Black’s return that it can possibly be.

A significant component of the book will be a series of academic styled essays.  These are involved and considered examinations of various aspects of the series, each comprising a chapter of the book, intelligent yet accessible pieces by authors with in-depth knowledge of Millennium, amongst them co-author of Not Bad for a Human Joe Maddrey, author and critic John Kenneth Muir, and creator of the long cherished Millennial Abyss Brian A. Dixon, who also serves as co-editor on the volume alongside myself.

To tease you a little further, these essays will investigate subjects as diverse as the character journey of Frank Black in the context of America’s fin de siècleMillennium‘s place in the canon of crime fiction, representations of evil in the series, and a unified theory of all three seasons.  This is just a flavour—there will be much more besides, including looking to potential futures for Frank Black, as well as his celebrated past—but our overarching mission in the approach to this project is to produce a high quality finished product befitting the stature and quality of the series we all cherish so much.

Our intention at this stage is to publish the book this Spring, with a publication date to be finalised nearer the time.  Stay tuned right here or over at the Back to Frank Black for further updates as we look forward to bringing this book into your hands and digital devices very soon…

2 Responses to ““Back to Frank Black”: Exploring “Millennium””
  1. marco says:

    Great work! Millennium and Lance Henriksen are both living works of art! Keep publishing, keep the energy flowing. My money, mind and efforts will always be there to support you guys.

    • Thanks very much, Marco – your support is very much appreciated! Rest assured that work on “Back to Frank Black” is very much ongoing. We still have a couple or so months worth of work to do, but we will be publishing soon and will keep folks updated right here via the blog.

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