Millennium 1 Cover
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Millennium 1 Cover

Review: Millennium #1

Millennium #1 Writer: Joe Harris Art: Colin Lorimer Colors: Joana Lafeuente Cover: menton3 Publisher: IDW Cover Price: $3.99 Release Date: 21 January 2015 Quote: “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” –Seneca the Younger Review: The time is now. Frank Black is back. This long-awaited return of Chris Carter’s Millennium won’t be seen … Continue reading

Millennium 1 Variant Cover Close-Up

IDW Publishing Takes Us Back to Frank Black

It’s quite a month to be a fan of Ten Thirteen creations and their alumni. Frank Spotnitz‘s superb adaptation of Philip K. Dick‘s alternate history masterpiece The Man in the High Castle has just premiered as part of Amazon’s new season of pilots. (If you’ve yet to watch that, please do check it out and be sure to … Continue reading


Copies of “Back to Frank Black” Signed by Lance Henriksen Now Available

This year, we have had the great privilege of attending no fewer than three events in the UK alongside Lance Henriksen to help promote Back to Frank Black. From Glasgow to Cardiff to Milton Keynes, at each of the Showmasters-organised conventions we had copies of the volume on sale, and Lance signed and personalised each and every one on … Continue reading


Editors Join “Back to Frank Black” Google+ Hangout

Yesterday, Back to Frank Black editors and Fourth Horseman Press publishers Adam Chamberlain and Brian A. Dixon joined the Back to Frank Black team of Troy Foreman and James McLean for their inaugural Google+ Hangout. The conversation was skilfully hosted and directed by the wonderful author and critic John Kenneth Muir, and you can now relive the entire hour-plus event on YouTube via the video embedded below. The discussion … Continue reading


Apocalypse: Now… or Never?

On Good Friday, I joined a fervent crowd at London’s Natural History Museum for an After Hours discussion entitled “Apocalypse Now… or Never?” The event tied in with their current exhibition “Extinction: Not the End of the World?” and explored scenarios and themes associated with doomsday from a scientific, literary, and sociological perspective. One glance … Continue reading


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